84857 - The multiple feedback

N. Lygeros

Like a Wiener machine,
the feedback was important for him
as the metajoy was the result of the joy.
So when he understood the interest of the souls
he gave them the essential argument
but they wanted the details of the parabola.
It was a question of preference.
They needed to hear them slowly
in order to appreciate their value.
And for that it was simple.
The need was the big picture.
It looked like a paradox
but it wasn’t.
The resolution generated the will to see
the light and the essence.
The feedback had to be multiple.
For each step, a new move
and all of them in one opening.
He felt their pressure
on the path of joy
and his metajoy started to think
that the time had come
to go further
and even beyond the fjord.