84858 - The sound of the metajoy

N. Lygeros

They knew how he felt after their joy
and they loved to see his metajoy.
But something happened
and they were able to listen to his sound.
It was for them like a new instrument
much more deep
which is impossible to hear in normal circumstances
but after the request, they were exceptional.
They needed to listen to it
one more time after their surprise.
So it was his answer to the silence of the fjord.
He created a trio to hear any detail
and this made a big impression to the souls
because it was unexpected.
Unexpected but predictable with the power of love.
It recalled to them the time
when they discovered his fingering on new instruments.
This time his answer was perfect
for their harmony.
And they felt inside them
the huge impact
of this new sound
of his metajoy.