84868 - Transcription: The spirit of the northern way

N. Lygeros

This podcast is dedicated to Norway. It’s not only a country, it’s not only a place, it’s a spirit and we love this spirit because you know when you are in Norway the people are very friendly with you maybe  because they are very often alone, maybe they think that the other part of Mankind is very important and they don’t try to say that they are important by themselves. I think that when you are next to the ocean you know in reality what is important, what is the infinite and how finite you are. So the idea that we get from Norway is its diversity, its plasticity, the little houses very colorful, many fjords, maybe too many for our imagination, their beauty and also this kind of kindness which is natural because we are in a place where everything could be difficult if there is no Humanity. So for all those reasons I think it’s a gift to be in Norway and to understand deeply what is for this northern way to see Mankind. So for us it’s maybe strange, it’s maybe different or maybe totally different as a point of view, but I think it’s very human. Why? Because when you are near the hills, mountains, the nature, the water, the fjords, everything is big, and everything is bigger  than life, so you are very close to the world which is able to touch the soul. So I can say that I’m quite impressed by this deep touch of the soul in this country because, as I said it already, even if everything is different, we always find the same thing, the love of Mankind.