84872 - Hammer time

N. Lygeros

– I heard what he said.
– Good!
– We have to answer to this subversive attempt.
– As soon as possible.
– And not only in a diplomatic way.
– It’s not his style.
– I know.
– So you can imagine what they will get.
– It will be my pleasure because I’m really upset with this kind of barbarity.
– Is it because it’s also ridiculous?
– And because I’m sick with all this neutrality.
– And also because I’m sick with all this neutrality.
– He already said where neutrality goes.
– Yes, I remember.
– They are trying to change the situation with new facts.
– But there is no consensus. So what does it mean?
– They are thinking that’s time to recall previous dates… If you see.
– I got it. But History has already changed.
– They are still in the same past.
– They want to kill the present.
– But they forget the future.