84873 - Dead zone

N. Lygeros

– Our counterattack will be a way to say that the dead zone is still alive.
– And that we can’t accept the extension of the occupation by barbarity.
– On the contrary, it’s time to show that we want the liberation of the occupied territories.
– We need the signal.
– We have it.
– We need a sign.
– We have faith, we will get it.
– I think as you.
– I know it.
– So what does he want from us?
– The same thing.
– Plasticity… Robustness…
– And compatibility.
– We can do it.
– For him we will do even more.
– He knows.
– But he never asks it.
– He taught us what our duty is.
– And how to be a killer pain.
– We will do our mission.
– From here.