84874 - Mission for the light

N. Lygeros

– It’s not sufficient to say that something is unacceptable to change it. You have to do something.
– This is exactly his point of view.
– By the way, I remarked that it’s not unacceptable for all the members of the Security Council.
– Barbarity is not unique.
– You mean that it supports the others.
– When you don’t do anything about something which is unfair, it means that you agree.
– It’s not a surprise for us.
– Because we know this kind of barbarity but imagine those who are manipulated….
– The brain washed…
– They will say that’s normal.
– But it’s not!
– It’s a way for them to justify their ideology.
– You mean: the dogma of barbarity.
– For them it’s a kind of religion.
– But not faith!
– That’s the big difference.
– So, this is the mission for the light.
– Exactly.
– Truth needs light in the darkness.
– It will have it.