84875 - The way of the resurrection

N. Lygeros

– Who cares about the island?
– Nobody like him.
– And why?
– Because they are not concerned by this issue.
– But this issue is not just for the island.
– It’s first of all about human beings.
– And innocents.
– The problem is quite different. They aren’t all innocent.
– Some of them have been manipulated and they think that barbarity has a dominant strategy.
– But it’s wrong. He already explained it to them.
– When you have the mentation of a slave…
– This is the key point.
– Even the liberation is a problem for them.
– Shall we convince them?
– No, he thinks that it’s a waste of time.
– Ok, I see. So let’s do what we have to do.
– Yes, this is the best to do.
– We need to be constructive.
– It’s a way to let barbarity behind.
– So it’s a way to overpass this obstruction.
– It’s also a way to create memory from oblivion.
– It’s the way of the resurrection.
– He said this a long time ago.