84876 - A question of faith

N. Lygeros

– The whole problem is a question of faith.
– Nothing more, nothing less.
– If they don’t fight it’s because they don’t believe.
– If someone is able to do something. He can do this many times.
– As many as he wants.
– So there is no problem.
– In fact no.
– But they think that there is one.
– The only one is them.
– They don’t believe that they can do something.
– Τhey persuade themselves that it is impossible.
– They don’t do it.
– And they say that they are confirmed.
– All this is fake.
– But it works when you don’t believe.
– They just have to believe it.
– This is for them the most difficult.
– That’s why he doesn’t waste time with them.
– I understand only now this position.
– It was unthinkable also for me.
– But he did the same.
– Thousand years.
– Always the same.
– As faith.