84877 - The unbelievable resolution

N. Lygeros

– So the point is different.
– Totally.
– The point is that the resolution of the issue is possible.
– And the next point is to believe it.
– When you believe it, it becomes possible.
– In this case, the faith is a tool…
– And a weapon…
– They want to believe but they aren’t believers.
– But the resolution needs only believers.
– I know. That’s the problem.
– There is at least one positive thing.
– Which one?
– The believers are rare but they are sufficient.
– Sufficient for the resolution.
– This is the unbelievable point of the resolution.
– This must be unthinkable for many people.
– This is the initial problem.
– But now, with his statement it’s no more unthinkable.
– It remains an utopia.
– This will change.
– Sooner or later.
– Another question of Time.
– But the light exists.
– Even in the darkness.