84878 - The simplicity of truth

N. Lygeros

– Many people think that a local problem…
– Has a local solution.
– And for the resolution it’s even worst.
– It reminds me of the proofs without words.
– And his wording in silence.
– It was juicy.
– Amazing.
– And so simple at the same time.
– Perfect for us.
– Compatible with him.
– Do you think that we delay him?
– I think so but he can manage it.
– This is great because I don’t know what to do.
– To be different?
– To be more efficient.
– Just do the good.
– He doesn’t want something else.
– In fact, no.
– This is incredible.
– But it’s true.
– This is a huge mix as the world.
– But the idea remains simple.
– That’s why he is so simple naturally.