84880 - Transcription:  Russian support of Turkish barbarity

N. Lygeros

With the events right now in Cyprus and the problem of the issue of Cyprus, it’s clear that Russia is not able to be a part of the solution or the resolution of this issue. In fact it’s exactly the opposite. Because even for simple events we can see that Russia is able to comformize itself to make a coalition with Turkey and say that these events are not important and we can say that it’s not urgent to get a decision against them. But we know that it is unfair, we know that they don’t have the right to do that but even if we know that, as Russia has a veto at the Security Council, we can see that at the end of the process they can stop any decision, they can stop any initiative about that by just saying that it’s not urgent. But the problem is that many people, even now, think that due to religion Russia can help in this problem. But in fact we can see that there is no  question of religion, it’s just a question of a coalition which is at hoc. And this coalition is able to stop any process of justice just because we can see that Turkey is with Russia in the Ukrainian issue and that’s all.