84889 - The face of the light

N. Lygeros

– Did you see his face?
– What do you mean?
– I know that you saw it many times…
– So…
– I missed it.
– But he is always with us.
– I know, I know.
– I see. You Know what? It’s the same for me.
– Sometimes it’s like a baby face…
– Oh, yes! Exactly.
– Or angel face.
– When he’s more serious.
– He’s always serious even when he’s funny.
– For sure!
– The link is impressive.
– In what sense?
– When I miss his face, I can see it.
– In this case you want to touch it.
– Not exactly.
– I’m curious.
– Do you remember the holy place?
– Yes, it’s impossible to forget it.
– Even them they mentioned something…
– About his face.