84890 - Behind the face

N. Lygeros

– If his face is like this, it’s because there is always something behind.
– Deeper, you mean.
– No, no, behind. Like Vivaldi behind Bach.
– And Bach behind Mozart.
– The respect and the duty.
– Bach discovered Vivaldi and he embedded his work in his own.
– Mozart did the same thing with Bach and the art of the fugue.
– Oh, he told you this.
– And also how rare it was!
– Because at that time, the natural thing was to play only alive composers…
– So the Baron made an exception.
– And this exception was heard by Mozart.
– Now I understand the comparison.
– His face is like this.
– You see him and you have to discover…
– All the others behind him.
– The souls of the dead people who contribute to the History of Mankind.
– This is  a part of the Love of Mankind.