84891 - The slow motion

N. Lygeros

– I remarked also how beautiful was the slow motion…
– It was quiet and at the same time cute.
– But also very attractive.
– Before the liberation?
– Even after!
– Because we saw first the light and its power.
– And second, the essence and its kindness.
– Like the respect and the duty.
– He does the same with us.
– Even if we don’t get it all the time.
– It’s discrete and precious.
– No rush.
– Can we call this slow beauty?
–  With the contribution of Time?
– Yes! Yes! It is possible.
– He will allow us to use it.
– Great! Because I love this slow beauty.
–  But why exactly?
– Because you can enjoy every detail.
– And you have time to valorize it.
– You got it!
– I knew it!