84892 - The touch of essence

N. Lygeros

– I didn’t know before how essence was important.
– Don’t worry about that. It was the same for me.
– So it was a discovery.
– Yes, indeed.
– I’m glad to hear that because I thought that I was…
– No, no, don’t say that.
– I felt like a believer who discovers that the bread is sacred.
– But now you know.
– And I know how beautiful it is to see it.
– To see it, to feel it, to drink it.
– Wow!
– Are you surprised?
– No, I enjoy it.
– Because we live the same.
– Exactly!
– We are complementary.
– And we live it as a duality.
– The ubiquity…
– The vacuity…
– This is the touch of essence.
– And I love it.