84893 - The generosity

N. Lygeros

– How this generosity is possible?
– It’s related to the beauty of soul.
– And the greatness?
– His core is Humanity.
– Do you mean that’s a necessity?
– A duty.
– But it remains impressive even after an explanation.
– In fact, an exegesis is needed.
– I don’t need that because I live it.
– I know but I understand.
– Because you see the same thing.
– We are able to see more than a simple hab.
– This is the crucial point.
– He’s always the same.
– But only souls can see him.
– Entirely.
– Because the light is only the beginning.
– You have to see.
– To live it.
– But when you live it, you feel also the beauty of the essence.
– Especially when you see it alive.
– Amazing grace.