84898 - The soul tales

N. Lygeros

– He knew from the beginning that fairy tales are talking about souls.
– I’ve never heard that in this manner.
– It was the same for his narrator.
– It wasn’t a lesson for him…
– A self discovery…
– After all, the fairy tales are also called wonder tales.
– And?
– For him, it was a part of superhistory.
– I can’t believe it.
– Many people think that the tales have a very low level of knowledge.
– But in reality it’s a deep level.
– The deep is behind the low.
– It’s an innovative way to see them.
– This is his vision.
– His vision is able to see in the structure of the superhistory in the tale.
– To do that, you need greatness.
– Because you need to have a big soul to see the little souls in the tales.
– The oak which can see the flowers.
– The flowers of the oak.