84899 - The postparation

N. Lygeros

– Everybody knows the preparation…
– But who knows the postparation?
– It wasn’t something new for him.
– He learnt this methodology.
– In fact, no. He saw it and he understood its structure.
– So it’s an example of metaknowledge.
– It was important to discover the roots of this notion.
– Even in simple facts, it’s possible to see the traces of a deep structure.
– It’s like the essence.
– There is the need to see.
– But it’s always for the discovery of the next step.
– Behind the trace, the body.
– Behind the body, the soul.
– The postparation is a way to see the future right now.
– He saw that at that time.
– And he did the same with us.
– Behind the story of the souls.
– He saw the History of the common work for Mankind.