84900 - The Time gate

N. Lygeros

– It’s not only a bridge.
– It’s a Time gate.
– Because he’s the junction between the past and the future.
– Between the souls and the world.
– The light and the essence.
– Everything of our moves is compatible with it. This is what he saw.
– But it was not obvious for us.
– I know.
– And now we can see it via his vision.
– This is an enlightenment.
– The Time gate is open.
– Like the world.
– It’s open for a reason.
– The reason is him.
– Fine but the aim.
– There is a need.
– And he is here for that.
– And we are here for him.
– We have to know something.
– No, we have to help.
– Without knowing the need…
– He knows and we will know.