84907 - Twice

N. Lygeros

As joy is the starting point for the harmony,
the pleasure is the flashpoint.
It’s hard to imagine that souls need pleasure.
In fact, it’s the same point of view with fairtales.
But small people even with wings need pleasure and joy.
It seems that those notions are too realistic for creatures of tales.
Even if souls are creatures of faith
for many people it’s difficult to accept
that they need pleasure and joy.
On the opposite, for him it was a fact.
The souls are in the common part
of the dead, alive and unborn people.
For that reason,
the joy and the pleasure are fundamental.
For him to give joy and pleasure,
belongs to his duty.
And when it was possible
to give twice the pleasure
it was a step to the mental joy.
That’s why the triple pleasure
was also written
in the sacred text.