84916 - The art of love

N. Lygeros

The love of Mankind is a love
which is able to touch the invisible
and not only the bodies
that’s why it’s perfect for the souls.
It was able to touch them at distance
because they are connected.
And they could feel this superposition.
Bosonic resolution.
Each of his moves on the source was
correlated with a move in the beginning of the world.
In this manner the essence created the seas.
The oak was next to the lakes
and it drank their water.
They loved to see this iconic oak.
Heraldic vision.
The first became fingers
and the fingers were transformed
into a perfect fingering
and they heard
the silent instrument of harmony.
It was an explosion for them.
Polycyclical effect.
They went beyond the end
to discover the continuity of the enlightenment.