84938 - The tough soft power

N. Lygeros

– It was strange for me to be tough.
– Tough?
– I mean that he taught us to be tough with barbarity.
– It wasn’t obvious for us.
– But if we accept its attacks, we don’t help innocent people.
– We were also occupied in our minds.
– Barbarity is unacceptable in any case.
– That’s why we have to be tough.
– In fact, a tough soft power.
– Yes, indeed.
– We don’t have to help a system which controls the occupied territories and spoils the human rights.
– The point of view was different before.
– It was a kind of acceptance of the barbarity.
– But Mankind was betrayed.
– We had to understand it.
– His exegesis was clear.
– And we have to convince the others.
– I agree but how?
– He will show us.