84939 - Barbarity is unacceptable

N. Lygeros

– The fact that we had to learn that barbarity is unacceptable, is incredible.
– But we had to!
– That’s the problem…
– That’s the society…
– And it is always against Mankind.
–  Societies are responsible for the power of barbarity.
– That’s why they accept its existence.
– And for the same reason they are working against Humanity.
– It’s difficult to understand that compromise with barbarity is in fact collaboration against innocence.
– Because we have to overpass the spirit of slavery.
– Some people were born slaves.
– But they remain slaves even in the presence of freedom.
– They prefer what they know.
– And they are afraid to be free.
– They think that their existence is the same with life.
– But life has to be free.