84940 - The power of freedom

N. Lygeros

– The occupied territories can be liberated.
– This is a fact of superhistory.
– And we can see it at the practical level.
– It’s the failure of barbarity.
– But you need to have faith to see.
– Even if it exists in front of you.
– Yes, even in that case because the spirit of slavery will not allow you to see the reality.
– You will continue to see what you think.
– This is the crucial problem for the savior.
– To convince people that the task was done.
– And that the mission will go further.
– And beyond any obstruction.
– Because there is a need.
– But what can we do with unbelievers?
– Just change the world without them.
– Without any participation they will think that nothing has changed.
– It’s not important any more.
– We can do it.
– This is what he said.
– Done.