84942 - The point of view

N. Lygeros

– I love this point of view.
– It allows to see everything at the same time.
– Every detail is visible.
– And everyone is a source of pleasure.
– The incredible fact is that the same mental scheme can be applied in other fields.
– Because it belongs to the core of Mankind.
– Even better.
– We can appreciate the preparation.
– And valorize the postparation.
– Both and twice.
– Perfect.
– It has the sign of harmony.
– That’s why the joy is so big.
– Bigger than lives.
– Perfect for souls.
– The big picture is indeed powerful.
– It’s full of light and essence.
– It’s the answer to our request.
– This is the proof of the value of our contribution to the work.
– And the grace of the warrior.
– The amazing grace.
– Yes!