84943 - The struggle continues

N. Lygeros

– We don’t have the right to stop the struggle of Mankind against barbarity.
– Those who don’t want to contribute to this struggle are already in the camp of barbarity.
– Even if they don’t know it.
– They will learn it.
– As a fact.
– As a crime.
– Some of them will change.
– It’s possible.
– But it has no incidence for us.
– We have to continue in any case.
– The liberation of the occupied territories is a target locked.
– I know and I feel it.
– With him there is no choice.
– I adore it.
– In which way.
– Because to be with him is the proof that we are with Mankind.
– Definitely.
-That’s why it is so important for us.
– This is great.