84944 - Your fight is my fight

N. Lygeros

– Do you remember the expression: my home is your home?
– Of course!
– With him, we learned that our fight is his fight.
– Because he’s always with us when we have a problem.
– Any problem!
– But this is so natural that we consider that it was always like this.
– In reality, it’s the first time for us.
– The first time corresponds to the beginning of the world for us.
– That’s why we have this feeling.
– With him, we know that what we do is pure good.
– It’s like a certified contribution.
– It’s funny to see it like this.
– It’s simply the truth, nothing more.
– He makes the things so easy for us…
– That we have only to live…
– To make good things.
– This is a multiple gift.
– That we valorize.