84945 - Unstoppable wave

N. Lygeros

– Everybody is talking about the fire…
– But who speaks about the light?
– The light of the knowledge…
– And the essence of the intelligence…
– Are the only weapons able to win the fire of destruction.
– It’s always the same…
– From genocide to war…
– From war to peace…
– Our weapons are the same.
– But this remains unknown to the societies.
– They need first the fire, to imagine the need.
– The need exists from the beginning.
– Only very rare persons can see it.
– And some of them are able to show it.
– This is impressible.
– To show the invisible and to transform it into a visible thing that everybody can see.
– But only after his intervention.  
– Even if after they forget it.
– It doesn’t matter for him.
– The important is to save the others.