84953 - In the serenity

N. Lygeros

– Serenity is a precious indice.
– This is what we find in the ancient temples.
– And those which respect the faith.
– Serenity is a new notion.
– It’s not only a state.
– A quality.
– It’s also a title of honor.
– Oh yes, of course.
– This is the serendipity effect.
– Even the code is related to the honor.
– We know the duty.
– But what about the honor?
– Remember the serenity is the fjords. This is also an indice for the code of honor.
– This kind of honor is related to the legacy.
– And also to the castle of light.
– With him the noble aim is a reality.
– The vision of the memory of the future.
– The noble cause comes from the superhistory.
– It’s not only a choice.
– He’s committed to it.
– I understand fully the idea  but how is it related with us?
– As souls we are also ancients.
– But when his mission has started.
– In the deep past.
– And souls were there.