84954 - Linked souls

N. Lygeros

– I just understood that we are connected with him from the beginning…
– Before knowing him.
– Because he was also there.
– It’s like the notion of preexistence… Is that what you mean?
– The problem is that I’m not surprised.
– He was there before our birth.
– At that time we were unborn.
– And he was already working for our future.
– His aim is not related only to the sacred but also to the souls.
– So we were in his mind before our birth.
– Bigger than life.
– In fact, the warrior of Mankind is…
– What?
– Something like a Time fighter.
– What do you mean exactly?
– He started as a Time fighter and then he became the warrior of Mankind.
– Are you talking about something that you know?
– I just presume.
– With which elements?
– Several from the past…
– Of superhistory?
– Yes, indeed. Because the rest is History.
– The way you present this is simply amazing.
– I thought the same when serendipity was activated.