84961 - Unbelievable and unstoppable

N. Lygeros

– Did you see the size?
– It was huge.
– Unbelievable.
– Even from the preparation.
– Oh yes, clearly.
– I felt in practice the dimension of the duty.
– It was something really different.
– But always for the souls.
– We saw everything with the light of beauty.
– And the essence was simply unstoppable.
– Everything was done as we wanted.
– Exactly but in any case it was impressive.
– I can feel it deeply even right now.
– It wasn’t only the size the question but also the duration.
– It was wonderful.
– The duration is for Time and the dimension for Mankind.
– You don’t imagine how glad I am to belong to Mankind.
– I get your point. I thought that you were kidding.
– I was serious but I agree.
– Great!
– Like the valorization.
– Always! We don’t have the right to leave it.
– We continue…
– Sure.
– Let’s go to discover the depth of the Timefighter behind the warrior of Mankind.
– I’m ready now!
– Let’s do it.