84962 - The efficient fingering

N. Lygeros

– I didn’t know how important is the fingering in music.
– It’s important In a more general way.
– In other fields? Like painting or sculpting?
– Yes, of course, he already showed it many times.
– So you are talking about something else.
– About life.
– Our life?
– Yes, ours.
– What do you mean exactly?
– I presume that you already know.
– Its application?
– The independence of the fingers permits signs.
– Oh, I got it!
– The special fingerings.
– They are great.
– A pure pleasure from the pure good.
– It’s natural.
– And exceptional.
– Because everything depends on the mind.
– A beautiful mind.
– A powerful tool.
– Without any toy.
– His nature doesn’t need any artifice.
– This is the crucial point of the high standard deviation.
– The fingers are the extension of the thought.
– And his thought wants our joy.
– That’s why we can feel it in his universe.