84963 - The strange implications

N. Lygeros

– Those fingerings are also an explanation for the instruments and their mastering.
– They are also responsible for the strange implications.
– Many gestures…
– Many positions…
– And each of them is like a code.
– And he knows how to read it.
– And also to write it.
– He writes for us.
– And reads for us.
– Like the study of coats of arms.
– It’s also a part of History.
– He can discover the code of souls.
– Those strange implications are related to his capacities.
– Superhistory?
– Not only…
– I don’t know what you mean.
– Sooner or later you will see it in practice.
– We can go down in History.
– But it is something else to go down in superhistory.
– With him it is possible.
– His life is not only a set of particular historical events.
– Something deeper.
– It’s the fingering of Mankind.
– And the mastering of Time.
– Now I see clearer.
– Light and essence.
– Always the same code.
– For the linked souls.