84964 - Positions and combinations

N. Lygeros

– I saw the positions and the combinations.
– They are richer than I thought.
– There isn’t only one chessboard.
– He plays with many at the same time.
– But the games didn’t start at the same time.
– It’s not important for him.
– But why?
– Because he works in Time and his plasticity.
– It’s like an exercise with Fischer random chess.
– A little bit more complicated.
– Difficult to imagine…
– But always possible.
– Even if you enumerate the positions, it doesn’t mean that you know the history.
– Each position is a choice.
– Each position is a story.
– And all of them can contribute to the History.
– It’s a kind of manifold.
– We can see the same in the sutras.
– Are you talking about positions?
– And also the combinations.
– I didn’t know that each of them has a story.
– You just need to ask him. It’s an ancient knowledge.
– Which is precious for Mankind.
– It’s a way to see how important is the other for the one.
– It’s a link between human beings.
– Always free.
– In harmony.