84965 - The Sphinx

N. Lygeros

– The Sphinx is a paradigm.
– As a manifold?
– Because its notion is polysemic.
– And someone understands only what it’s at his level.
– But the notion isn’t a restriction.
– The restriction comes from the interpretation, not from the notion.
– Is it the same for the anvil?
– For sure.
– And the reverse.
– In fact, you can see that they have in the core the trust.
– It’s an element of harmony.
– That’s why it’s relevant.
– But everything is beyond any kind of equilibrium.
– In this complementarity, the passive and the active change all the type.
– Everything is dynamical because there is equilibrium.
– Like the rainbow and the rain.
– Like the light and the essence.
– I also see the willingness of the shell.
– And even deeper the joy of the phoenix.
– Oh, I see.
– And it’s relevant to understand the position of the chimpanzees.
– Is there a special reason?
– It’s a question of Time.
– Of Time?
– Chronostrategy of souls.