84966 - Time Code

N. Lygeros

– People want to leave from one place to another.
– But it’s just a motion in space.
– And it doesn’t change anything.
– We change only with Time.
– In space the important is always what you have.
– In Time the only important thing is what you are.
– The Time Code…
– Upanishad…
– Sutras…
– Tantras…
– Ancient texts.
– Text of revelation.
– No restriction in the sacred.
– No orders.
– Only advice.
– At the level of harmony.
– With the freedom of link.
– When you choose to sit next to the Master…
– You don’t see only in a different way the known world.
– But you discover the invisible universe.
– The worlds have only vertices.
– The edges are living in his universe.
– That’s why the network of the souls is inaccessible to the people.
– Except of the exceptional.
– With the vertices, someone can see only isolated lights.
– But they are connected with the essence.
– So they need to discover the traces to understand the first elements of superhistory.