84967 - The traces of the universe

N. Lygeros

– When we try to find an equilibrium, in reality we avoid harmony.
– And therefore, we consider that it’s impossible.
– But it’s impossible simply in our mind.
– Equilibrium is associated to a closed world.
– Harmony is a characteristic of the open universe.
– The beginning of the world starts when we are linked.
– The bounds are a restriction.
– No boundary in Time.
– Everything is connected.
– We know that from him.
– But he had to make miracles to be understandable.
– This is the paradox…
– In any case, the traces of the universe exist even in the world.
– But you need to have an open mind to see them.
– You see only what you get.
– And nothing more.
– The essence can be next to you but you are unable to see it because you aren’t prepared to discover it.  
– That’s why the revelation is a necessity.
– It works only with the believers…
– The others will not participate in the struggle of Humanity against barbarity.
– It’s another kind of waste of time if you try to convince them to have a role and to do a task.