84968 - Supermoves

N. Lygeros

– Even in the chessboard, supermoves are permitted.
– Only if you know the existence of the bridges of Time.
– Sierpinski, Einstein, Rosen.
– Then it’s possible to travel in Time.
– The only travel which has a meaning at the level of a chameleon.
– Who is able to know not only the positions and their combinations but also their stories?
– Because it has the colour of Time.
– Chromodynamics.
– It looks as the substrate of Chronostrategy.
– It’s one of his lessons from the old Time.
– Why it takes us so long to see all these?
– The preparation is not an option.
– Without preparation the universe remains invisible.
– That’s why the chameleons are visible when they choose a colour.
– It’s a way for them to be seen.
– If they recognized that someone deserves it.
– Because they see only the souls.
– Save the souls.
– That’s the Time Code.
– But we waste time with lives…
– We see only the extension but it’s the core that should be saved.