84969 - One and only one

N. Lygeros

– So we are able to see.
– We deserve it.
– Many vertices.
– Fewer edges.
– Rare links.
– One and only one.
– Many worlds.
– One universe.
– Interconnected.
– With linked souls.
– The fingerings were only a preparation for the mastering.
– If you master Time…
– You create Harmony.
– And not only History.
– Because it’s Superhistoty.
– He holds us in his mind.
– We aren’t only memories.
– We are alive in him.
– In his universe…
– He saved us from oblivion.
– But this wasn’t sufficient for him.
– And we continue with him his missions.
– Because the struggle must go on.
– You know that I don’t feel only kind of proud to be with him.
– But the harmony of his universe.
– Exactly.
– We thought that the salvation was the end like death.
– But now we know that after the salvation, there are missions because they are elements of the work.
– We are after the end and we continue to contribute to the History of Humanity.
– And its Superhistory.
– He’s coming.