85002 - Transcription of Podcast With US #103: Humanity and Pattern Recognition

N. Lygeros

In this podcast we want to talk about Pattern Recognition. It’s very important to understand that for Humanity to have this property in its mind it’s a foundation for the others, I mean the human beings. You need to understand this, your memory and your intelligence. You need your memory to remember, you need your intelligence to analyse and at the end of the process you need also a synthesis. So when you have to work in this field it’s very important to imagine that you need in fact like a strategic mix. So, let’s give an example. It’s always a beautiful event to study the scores of Bach and to recognise in them some of the patterns of Vivaldi. Because we can say that it’s a codification inside the oblivion of something which is robust. So, we can see in the score something that if Bach wasn’t there it would be impossible to have this information. So, he took some information, he coded them in his score and at the end we have some gems of Vivaldi inside the score of Bach. We need to recognise this pattern to understand that in fact this is another composer. So, it’s important to imagine that in this structure there is a substructure which is constituted by those patterns and in fact it’s a way to keep memory and to codify this memory in the natural oblivion to get at the end of the process, what? Something which is robust. Because it’s in fact a salvation, it’s in fact a way to rebirth and that’s why it’s so important to keep in mind that Pattern Recognition is a way to have something new from something old but always a little bit different due to Time.