85017 - Transcription of Podcast With US #104: The Work and the Souls

N. Lygeros

In this podcast we want to talk about the importance of the notion of soul in our life. It’s important because the core of our existence is in fact the life of our soul. In reality we are a soul which is alive, I mean in the duration of the normal life. So, the idea is what to do with this concept. Many people think just that it’s a fact, so we don’t care, it doesn’t matter, we can live like this. But in fact when we read ancient texts, studies, philosophy and religions we understand that in fact we have to work on that. So, the work on the notion of soul is in fact how to work with us as a soul and not only as a body, not only as a mind. So we have the mind, we have the body, we have the soul but in reality we are the soul, we have the body and we have the mind. So our mind in reality is the way to have a connection between the soul and the world. The idea is rather simple: We have the world of the souls and the classical, the  normal reality. We can see that in fact when we can do this, in reality it’s a kind of penetration in this universe. We can see something which is new, something which is here but not obvious, not so visible. Even if it is invisible, we can work on that as we do in science in reality. It’s not only metaphysics. The idea is how to spend our time without wasting our time on this notion. The idea is the interconnection and of course the intercourse. We have an intercourse with the soul and the universe and we want to have an holistic approach to see what it’s for the moment invisible. The way to do that it’s not only to do exercises but in fact to think more deeply even the notion of meditation, even the notion of prayer. Because this contact with other souls is in fact the realization of a network which  is more or less like our central nervous system in this new reality. If we can do this, we are not alone, Time is with us and we are with it to do something. Because we are here  to do something. The problem is what to do. And one answer is, to do something with our soul as a soul.