85084 - Transcription: Podcast With US #106: The use of drones in war

N. Lygeros

Let’s talk about the impact of the use of drones. So, we had a simple invasion but now it’s a war and this war has been extended. So the targets are not only very close, they are far away, they are also inside Russia and not only in the frontline.  So the idea is to say that when you use a drone, you have a very low cost for  a big impact. So it’s a very good choice to do something. Of course it’s not exactly a game changer but it works at least at two levels. Because now it’s impossible for Russia to hide the result of this war. So they have to admit the existence of another frontline inside Russia. So the idea is to say that even the population cannot see this conflict only as a faraway conflict, it’s very close, it has impacts even in Russia. It’s another side of the same object, it’s to say that the use of drones permits another thing which is in fact the use of  civil people who want to resist, who want to participate to this fight for freedom. So with very cheap drones you can have an impact and you can use your knowledge to participate to this war, to this resistance. So  it is very effective and it means that  it’s very difficult for Russian propaganda to say that this doesn’t not exist. It exists and we have proofs and we have impacts, so Ukrainian people will continue to use them because they see that it’s a way to support also the counteroffensive.