85085 - Transcription: Podcast With US #107: Pleasure and Freedom

N. Lygeros

In this podcast let’s talk about pleasure and its relation with freedom. It’s a very simple concept, in fact a universal concept but at the same time, because it represents the manifold, it is very difficult to interpret all of the meanings of this concept. In any case when we say the word pleasure, everybody can understand something. So, the idea is the following: imagine the negation of pleasure. So imagine that we are talking about barbarity and of course dogma, religion and tradition against the notion of pleasure. Maybe it’s not obvious that this hedonophobia is in fact the way to target freedom because in reality the pleasure for pleasure exists only in some theories but not really in practice. Never mind, imagine that it exists also in practice. The idea is the following, the pleasure is the starting point of the path which permits the access to the joy and this joy is related to harmony.  So in fact we have pleasure, joy, harmony, maybe sometimes perfection. But in any case pleasure as it’s not a target for itself, in reality it’s the beginning to the access to freedom. So pleasure is related in fact to liberation and liberation will be the previous step of freedom.  It’s very difficult to understand this because we are living in many societies and religions that they are afraid of the impact of pleasure but in reality they know that pleasure is related to freedom. They want to control pleasure because they want to control their slaves. Slavery is compatible with peace but not with freedom. Pleasure is not exactly compatible with slavery, so we can imagine that there is a problem. So they want slavery, they want to control everything and as pleasure is the beginning of the process of liberation, it’s a way to control this. So, when you have societies, religions against pleasure in fact you have to imagine that they are against freedom and against the access to freedom and this freedom is the freedom of Humanity. So when their target is pleasure and its negation, in reality their secret aim is to hurt Humanity and to avoid the problem of freedom. So imagine that to take pleasure is the first step to be free. So use it because in reality it is an act of resistance to barbarity.