85121 - Transcription: Podcast With US #109: The unacceptable alliance of Russia with North Korea

N. Lygeros

This podcast is dedicated to something which is maybe a detail for many of us but in fact it’s a crucial point. The point is the following: Russia belongs to the Security Council. Russia has the right of veto and therefore when we have a decision at this level it’s always with the participation of Russia. So, the example with North Korea is clear. There is an embargo, there is a decision of the Security Council against North Korea but now we see that Russia is in negotiation with North Korea to buy weapons. We know that it is of course forbidden, we know that it was a decision which was taken by the  Security Council with all the members, so also with Russia but we see now that Russia has no problem to do exactly the opposite. So for us, I mean for Mankind and for the UN and by the way also for the Security Council, it’s a problem because we have a decision, we have a participation, there is no veto and we have the resolution. But Russia has no problem to do this. So, we should take account of this position, of this action, to realize, at least, that the behavior of Russia is inacceptable at this level and we see now the real face of Russia even for that position. The unacceptable alliance of Russia with North Korea.