85203 - Transcription: China and American long term Strategy

N. Lygeros

In this podcast we want to talk about a myth. This myth concerns China. Everybody knows that, right now, China is a dangerous country for many people, not only for the U.S. or Europe, but also for Humanity, because this system considers that its dogma is the right way to see everything. So we know that with their cyber attacks, with their proxy wars, they want to control other countries and, more or less, it’s logical for this kind of power, but the idea is that we think that China is a superpower. We made the same mistake with Russia. In reality, we overestimate the power of China. Maybe in the near future we have, it’s correct, a problem, because there is a danger. But in the long term there is a big difference. Because China’s politics for one, only one child was a disaster and a failure of its system and right now China does what? the promotion towards its families to have more children. So they have a problem with the population, they have their economy in trouble, they have problems also with jails, they have problems with technology and we think that they solve every kind of problem for this country, which is wrong. So we can see now the first traces of this kind of problem and we can see that there is a difference between the near term and the long term distance. So if we want to see the tactics, we can see that, yes indeed, it’s a problem, and it’s a dangerous problem but this thing will evolve because the internal problems of China are bigger than the others. So, we have to avoid to overestimate and to consider that China is a superpower because we made the same mistake also with Russia. It’s only a power, it’s not a rising superpower, it’s not the case and we have to think in a different way how we consider China. So, there is a difference between the tactics for the near future and the strategy for the long term future. And we have to do this thing to imagine how we can change not only our strategy but also our mentation about that. Because if we continue to think that it’s only an extrapolation of what we see now, we will have other problems. So the idea, if we want to talk about global strategy, is to realize that we are not considering anymore China as a superpower for the long term strategy.