85206 - Transcription: Podcast With US #112: India and/or Bharat

N. Lygeros

In this podcast let’s talk about India or more  precisely about Bharat. The idea is for the moment at least a detail but this detail is relevant of the new situation. In reality we saw even at the G-20 that the prime minister of India changed his placard and uses Bharat and not India. We know that the two names are used in every official paper even in passport in India, so it’s not so new. The idea is to change their priority of the name and to use a name which is in fact more Hindi  written in  Sanskrit. So the idea for the prime minister and of course his party is to emphasize the philosophical point of view of the local system and not the global. Because in reality India was also used in ancient time but now we use this name as the remain story of the British Empire. So for Indian people the idea is to change this and to use another name which is more relevant for their Grand Strategy. So why we are talking about that. It is a detail, it is something relevant, I think so. There will be certainly a controversy even in the country. But the position of India has changed. Now it’s a very big country, it will become a bigger one, so every detail on this country will have also an impact, a global impact in the world. We are talking about more or less for the biggest country for the population, we are talking about the power which is already a kind of superpower, able to go also to the moon, so every detail of the past, of the deep past which has an impact in the future, in the near future, maybe in the long term  future, is important for us. And we have to know what to do to answer to this challenge. So let’s think more about those two names, let’s make a choice and take a decision of what we are going to do instead of just waiting because we have also an initiative to go with or to go against and I think that it is very strategic to be together with India or Bharat because in any case it’s a democratic power.