85231 - Transcription: Podcast With Us #114: 9/11 New York

N. Lygeros

In this podcast we would like to honor and observe the 9/11 National Day of Service.  For us it’s of course impossible to forget New York and especially today it’s even more difficult to do that. So, we have in mind all the events of the attacks but for us, we want now to see the future. We want to see the Freedom Tower and not only to remember the Twin Towers. For us that day was the beginning of a new era. Imagine now what the consequences of this National Day of Service are. For us is important to imagine that it’s like a communion and we are all together to remember but to remember also the memory of the future. Because we have to  continue, we have to be here and to think about the future and not only about the past. So, New York, right now, is not only a town with this attack. It’s also the town of the salvation for the survival and also the town of the courage. For us this simple fact is even more important today but not only as an event of the past, also as an event for the future because we have to remember to see the future quite in a different way. Of course this past is impressive and we were wounded by this attack but the important thing is that even now we are still identifying victims. Two days ago we found two new victims and we have to continue this struggle because it’s very important not only for the US but also for Mankind because it’s a way to prove that we can be here even after the end.