85242 - Beyond the shadows

N. Lygeros

Don’t see the shadows as a projection
of a higher reality or form.
The body is not empty.
The mind is not fake.
Use both of them because they are your gifts.
Don’t waste your time with simplistic considerations.
You aren’t just a  property of the body
that’s why you don’t die with it.
You are beyond it.
The mind and the body aren’t one.
Follow the light, leave the shadows.
They aren’t in binary opposition.
They are compatible
because they are complementary.
And you aren’t reduced
to a biological detail,
nor to a dualism.
There is no contentions.
You can understand the difference.
Because you aren’t an epiphenomenon.
You are the core
of a manifold.
You are the solution
of the body-mind problem.