85257 - Beyond self

N. Lygeros

Don’t be selfish.
Don’t confuse the self with the soul.
Even if they are both metaphysical
they aren’t the same entity.
The Jira can be found
in Upanishad and Vachanamrut
but also in Bhagavad Gita.
It’s in the seen schools of Vedanta.
For them,
the soul is unborn and internal,
everlasting and primeval.
Jira is said to be immortal, uncuttable and unpiercable.
It’s formed by consciousness.
If the body is a tree
then the Jira is enjoying its fruits
and the self is watching the Jira.
If you reject the self
why do you do the same thing
with the Jira.
Don’t forget the essence
if you want the light.
Remember the light
if you see the essence.