85258 - Transcription: Ukraine counterattack

N. Lygeros

With the new extensive missile attack on Sevastopol shipyard we have a new face in the Ukrainian issue. For those who thought that it will be only a passive defensive way for the Ukrainians to counterattack the Russian invasion, now we can see that there is a difference. Because we are talking about new territories and of course occupied territories from the first invasion. So, we can see that in the Ukrainian mentation the idea is not only the defense of the Ukrainian territories which are free only but also to liberate the first occupied territories of Ukraine. So, it means that even Sevastopol can be a target for the Ukrainian missiles. It’s a new face because we see that Russia now is talking about weapons with North Korea but in reality we see that there is a problem for Russia and on the other side we see that for Ukraine it’s very clear that West supports it and it means that the initial invasion now  is more complex and we can see more like a proxy war on Ukraine more clearly and we can also see that in the future we will be able to discover a new period for Ukraine because it’s already the liberation of Ukraine which is in fact the first news.  So if you still think that Ukraine is only a victim and will not defend itself against this invasion, you can see now that there is a change and this change is substantial so we will see in the next weeks what the future will be. But we are thinking already that even if the future starts slowly, it’s already here.